Outlook Concepts provides affordable, achievable outdoor design consultation services for both residential and commercial projects. I set up Outlook because I believe that good design does not have to be expensive and should be available to everybody. I work in a way that listens carefully to what you want in your space and that will save you money while still getting you a great result.

Working on domestic gardens or commercial spaces, I also support other landscape professionals in with their design needs. I specialise in new build gardens, small spaces, courtyards and vertical “Living wall” installations.

I view my role as an ideas generator and inspirer. I am passionate about helping people enjoy their outside areas and will work hard to make that space right for you.

I believe that in order to get the best out of your outside area, you first of all have to get the space working correctly. Therefore an understanding of your needs and generating the best layout possible is all important. 

I love plants and believe that they make any area better, but, I don’t get caught up with Latin names or “must have” plants and feel that it is your outside space and that you should have the plants you love and that will encourage you to enjoy your garden.

Whether you are starting from scratch or re-vamping a existing, tired space, I can help you get a great result at a cost that may surprise you.

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